Write, stop and copy it

Uit een lezing (Darmstadt lezing 1984) door componist Morton Feldman:

But the advice he [John Cage] gave me was the most important advice anybody ever gave me, and I’m going to give it to you. He said that it’s a very good idea that after you write a little bit, stop and then copy it. Because while you’re copying it, you’re thinking about it, and it’s giving you other ideas. And that’s the way I work. And it’s marvellous, just wonderful, the relationship between working and copying.

All those things, having the right pen, a comfortable chair. I once wrote an article and said that if I had the right chair, I’d be like Mozart. [laughter] I mean, are you comfortable in your chair? Do you think about your chair? I work at the piano as a desk. […] If I ever had a desk made, I’d take my stool and measure it. Those things are very important. Those are strategies to get you going.